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Selectively and Efficiently Separating Oil from Oil-in-Water Emulsions

The Problem

Approximately 80% of our world’s wastewater is not treated.  This untreated oily waste in our water systems will lead to a variety of problems from contaminated drinking water to deteriorating marine ecosystems if no preventative measures are taken soon. With the growing population comes increased wastewater production, resulting in the already at capacity treatment facilities having to use more valuable resources just to keep up.


Each year, more oily waste is ending up in our sewers and dumps than from the largest oil spill in history, Deepwater Horizon. Currently, almost half the global population (47%) will suffer from water scarcity.  If nothing is done to combat this, the numbers are only going to get worse.

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How it Works

Emulsions occur when two immiscible liquids such as oil and water are mixed together and are difficult to separate. Our patented SmartFilter technology can separate highly stable complex emulsions without the use of any external energy.  Our first iteration of the SmartFilter technology yields 95% pure oil by utilizing a patented structure to allow oil to pass through but repel water. The flexibility of the SmartFilter can also allow for water to be separated from the oil (depending on the specific use case), so that the oil can be reused.

Our SmartFilter

To combat the challenges that oily wastewater is presenting in our society, we have developed a reusable SmartFilter technology that can selectively and efficiently separate oil from oil-in-water emulsions.



Micellotech is currently working to integrate our SmartFilter technology into an in-line innovative separation system that will help improve the recycling and disposal processes of metalworking fluids (MWFs).  Our proprietary system enables recycling of the most valuable components of wastewater; unlocking new resources, reducing waste and saving our customers up to 70% of their annual operating costs.


However, we are not planning to stop there. Our filters also show promise to greatly impact separation processes in the:

  • Oil and gas industry 

  • Food processing and restaurant industries 

  • Chemical processing and more


Reusable & Energy Conscious
>70% Annual Operating Cost Savings
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